Jen Jeavons
Jen Jeavons

Former pop-star. FearfUlly Fearless Risk taker.
Creative. Rebel. Agency founder. Innovator. Entrepreneur. Leader. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been chasing “success” and running from “failure”. I’ve had super high highs and incredibly low lows. Mine is an interesting story – and for a long time it was a story I didn’t want to tell because I felt like I’d failed. 

As a kid dreaming of performing on stage, I had the life I’d always wanted by the age of 21. I was touring internationally with Savage Garden, later securing my own record deal, releasing a hit single, which became the most played Australian song on commercial radio in 2001. Success came early, but was short lived.

By 27 I was dropped from my label, broke with no job or prospects. And then on top of it all, I lost my mum unexpectedly, and my life fell to pieces. I was lost in grief, scared shitless, and left to start again. 

This moment wasn’t fearless. It was messy and full of fear – but I made myself take just one tiny step. I went back to study and found a new outlet for my creativity. 

And I began to untell the stories I had told to myself about who I was and what I was capable of.  I redefined my fucked up definition of success and started on the journey of becoming the kind of person who could make it happen. 

Pixel Palace was born in 2009, combining my knack for storytelling with a genuine desire to help others share their own stories and passions with the world.

 With plenty more “failures” and lessons in between (hello messy success!), Pixel Palace has now grown into a much sought-after brand growth agency with an incredible team delivering purposeful impact through award winning strategy, marketing, creative and web.

It’s not that my fear has gone away. Every day, every new challenge, it’s there. But I’ve learnt it’s purpose – it’s there to motivate me instead of derail me from my path. Becoming better friends with fear has allowed me to share my experiences with the world. I want to help people see it’s not about being fearless. It’s about harnessing & reframing the fear as rocket fuel. All the good stuff is on the other side of fear. 

I like to think I’m proof that anyone can “fail” [insert crappy definition of failure here]  epicly, start over at any time [I did it at 30], and that you don’t need all the answers to begin. You can forge your own path by embracing fear and using it to build the kind of life and kind of success you want. 

Fear can limit you, or make you limitless. So, take a step,

be fearfully fearless.


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